Alles wat aandacht krijgt groeit


Mission: Ieder kind is een ster op de Poolster! Every Child is a Star at De Poolster!


  • Children have the right to: Think, do, dream and dare, 
  • every child deserves a safe and healthy school at which it can be the person it is,
  • by willing to see the individual child, we ensure it receives the attention it deserves,
  • better education requires for cooperation; the team, the child, and the parents together form the learning community that is De Poolster.

What kind of school is De Poolster?

De Poolster is an Openbare basisschool, or primary school, accessible for all children regardless of religion or believes. 

Its education is based on the Dalton principals: responsibility, in dependency,  cooperation, reflection, and effectiveness. In the chapter Dalton education, you can read more about Dalton Education. Our school works in close conjunction with Dalton IKC Zeven Zeeën,  with which it shares  a senior school director.

De Poolster is part of Stichting Innoord, an organization for primary education of sixteen schools.


The skilled educators of De Poolster are supported by  specialized teacher for physical education, culture and arts, and support teachers. An Intern begeleider  is responsible for the educational the development, are the standards met, and takes care of pupils with special needs. Management consists of a Locatieleider, location manager and a Bovenschools directeur, senior director. The locatieleider is responsible for the management of daily affairs and spokesperson for parents and staff. The Bovenschools directeur, acts as senior manager.                      

Our building:

The school was built in the sixties, its spacious plan is light and facilitates interaction with the surrounding nature. The large natural and green school grounds are unique in the urban setting of Amsterdam-Noord. Its size and naturally developed play garden provides enough space for children to play and to discover.

The same attention for nature can be found in the leertuin, educational garden. In summer the doors of the adjoining classrooms are opened, and the educational garden becomes a natural extension of the classroom. 

The new building

Dalton education requires classrooms which supports cooperation and discovery. 

The current building, was developed with a different, more traditional, view on education. 

This blueprint from the past makes organizing education differently difficult, for it is literally restricted by the walls.

Together with the poor state of the construction are these restrictions that the building imposes on our education, the main drivers for the development of a new building. A design for the new building was chosen in 2019. The new building should be ready summer 2023.